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Jessica Parmley

I was born and raised in scenic Waldoboro, Maine. My mother was a teacher and my father was an artist who organized everything in the house as if it were worthy of painting. It was from the most elegant surroundings and the aesthetics of my household that I grew to love all things beautiful and harmonized. After many years of nannying (and constantly organizing closets, rooms, garages, etc), I realized that I am most happy when I can turn disorganization or chaos into something that is artistic and utile.

I call this NEAT.

services and rates

Hourly Rate: $65/hour – minimum three hours

  • Room by room organization

  • Moving (packing/unpacking)

  • Prepping for the new baby (I know everything you need)

  • Archiving children’s artwork

  • Storing keepsakes

  • Photo organizing

  • Personalized earthquake kits (you’ll be so glad it was done)

  • Gift-wrapping/holiday

I will dispose of all the unwanted items by donating or recycling properly. I am also available to travel to job sites.


neat project before after
Neat Project 1
Neat Project 2
Neat Project 3
Neat Project 4
Neat Project 5
Neat Project 6
Neat Project 7
Neat Project 8

get in touch

Like what you see? If you want to discuss how I can help organize your small or big space, I’d love to hear from you!